Career Changes

What should I do for a living? I worked in the home care field for 11yrs. Before that I worked at various jobs doing stock related work off and on 5yrs but, in between them I worked as a dishwasher for 2yrs and I loved my job except for the location. I rode the bus bringing my bike along so, I could ride home when I got off work. I thought of moving there cause the restaurant had rooms upstairs like a hotel and I tried to convince the owner to give me a discount but, he would not budge on the price in fact he said he wanted those only for guests visiting in town for conventions. Anyhow it is the past like nice bakery I worked for long ago. Lately, I am into technology, social media, Linux, free software and I say lately I mean I have been using free software since 2007 which is 6yrs after all that I just mentioned. The very notebook which I still call a laptop that came with windows 8 which I quickly erased and installed Linux, by that Linux I mean Ubuntu which some recognize today but,back then it was at its infancy stage with a learning curve mind you that I did not understand yet, it was shiny,new and most notably free as in price with some freedoms change it that was really cool. In the windows world we had to pay for a cool theme program but, in Linux I just had to install it plus the system came with a software store to browse through.

I could literally go on about desktop customizing including the start menu as it is called in Microsoft. I set a title called career so, back to what kind of career to chose from? I & you know what the traditional ones are but, as I have already mentioned getting paid from a job like title, why should I go that route I know where it is going? Here is an idea try doing something I love and probably will become good at or already am. Thus, the road less traveled but, more exciting and adventurous. I do think I can teach/share my knowledge and draw a crowd by producing this original content and providing a helpful service to my online community. I think supporting good content make sense plus we all have spent money on things we know didn’t need but, paid money for it anyway.Why not show our appreciation to good content that helps us and sometimes entertaining unlike cable shows we wish we could get our money back cause feel we thrown it away.¬† Below is picture of my desktop and Laptop now.




The Youth

I really want my blog to have substance and make a difference significantly. I suppose there should be a purpose behind the blog besides I like to blog right? Now, I have been concerned for sometime about the path of our youth of today. I know young people today want to have fun but, their definition is not productive in the least. I think men should start playing roles in young boys lives as role models. The kids today are living questionable lives, they know it cause if it were not they could tell their parents about what things they are doing. If you’re hanging with a group of kids that talk about secretive stuff you would not share in the general public, that tells you about the company you keep.

Side note:

I wondered about blogging and what I might say to the world. I been told I talk too much yet, there is so much out there to be learned not only from Google engines but, from blogs by average people like me that has new perspectives not motivated or manipulated by authorities/moneys to write their way.

I too think about serious things like helping to improving or influencing a people particularly young folks cause they are the future,  who will shape the world and if we can motivate them in some positive way to see their potential  opportunities they would have an advantage which is good. What I am saying is this, equip them with tools to build a better life than ours was to hopefully impact the world of tomorrow in some good way.

Today’s Youth Events!!! November 2015

We (youth department staff) have created a discussion group for the young people to talk about issues they face and we provide solutions and support.Every 3rd Friday of the month (at church) we have this group gathering with snacks and some creative fun helping them cope. I initially had the idea to reach out and help them so, finally it is a reality yet, we wrestle with what topics may be helpful I am just glad we have it up and running.